Dreading for the future.

Be careful
whose world
you fall in love with.

The sky becomes
a terrifying place
when you can no longer
lose yourself
among its stars. —© 2013 Maza-Dohta
You are beautiful because you let yourself feel, and that is a brave thing indeed. —Shinji Moon
What I like? Long good morning texts. Calling sweet names. Phone calls. Smack kisses. Cuddling. Holding hands. Tight hugs. Eye to eye contact. Random sweet messages. Eating together. Taking pictures. Watching movies. Listen to music. Goodnight texts. Sleeping with you.
You made me the happiest and saddest person at the same time and that’s how I knew it was real. That’s how I knew you were worth fighting for. That we were worth fighting for. —“For him" series # 1
We are all expected to feel okay even if things are totally not okay for us. We are expected to say yes even if we are dying to disagree. Then people will ask us why we aren’t ourselves. —A 
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Pinaglilihian ko yata si Kendra. Galit ako sa commercial na yun. Nyeta.

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Once you see her writing a love letter for another man, that’s the only second you will realize you should have read all the letters she had written for you, understood every syllable or in a simpler manner you thought is complicated, you should have given her all that she deserved right from the moment she said yes. Those are the letters which represent herself and all the love she had for you but you chose to ignore them. And when she is finally happy without your presence, do not forget that you were once the reason behind her smiles but you did not keep her. Maybe you tried;however, it wasn’t enough. —Napabayaan
dakilanghaponesa sent: hi ate anne I miss you na :( congrats :** mommy ka na haha

Thank you Gretchen Ho haha. Miss you too. It’s been a while. :)

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mahalkitaputanginaka sent: anne congrats😊 mom ka na pala..God bless😊

Thank you Nami. God bless you too. :)

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